My Amazing Girl

image of blocks spelling child care

My daughter is amazing!

I was thinking about her last evening. She loves children. My daughter, Emilee, has been working as a nanny for three years now. She has served the child care needs of five families; several of them with origins from other cultures. Prior to that and continuing still, she has a vast amount of experience baby-sitting for a score or more families. The families she has worked for love her and ask her back to watch their children.

I know the majority of these families and I know they are very conservative and careful about the care of their children. It speaks volumes to me that they trust my daughter with the little people whom are their most precious people.

Emilee is not just a “monitor” or “guardian”. She is deeply involved with the kids she cares for. She plays with them, she teaches them, she does activities and events with them. But most of all, she genuinely loves them. Children are not easily fooled about the feelings of adults – they can sense when someone really cares about them and the children under my daughter’s care know that she loves and cares about them.

My daughter struggled with a career choice after she graduated from high school. This prompted her to wait a little while before entering college. She had to explore career choices, shadow workers to eliminate options she did not care for, and finally make the hard but ultimately obvious choice: She would continue to work with children as an ESL teacher. What a perfect choice she made!

I am so proud of my daughter, not only for the beautiful young woman she has become, but for the unlimited size of her heart for people and particularly for children. I know that God will use her in great ways for His kingdom!

Date Night – It’s Not Just for Your Wife

image of burger and potatoes

My kids need my time and attention. As I write this, I am planning to take my daughter out for supper. She is leaving for her second year at the university the beginning of next week. Fortunately for me, the school is not far away so I will see her occasionally during the next months before Christmas and she comes home occasionally on the weekends.

It seems harder at home to have those one on one talks than when we plan an evening out. Being purposeful can be a challenge and it won’t happen if I don’t make it happen. Not only will I have her attention, but I must make sure she has mine!

My boys also need my time both at home and one-on-one out and about at an activity or dining out.